King Legacy Codes for free gems, exp boosts, refund stats, free fruits, swords, and a lot of other items are listed here. you can redeem the codes from our list. It will help you to get a lot of early progress.

King Legacy is a Roblox game that is based on Anime ‘One Piece’. In the game, you start your journey of excellent sea voyage for tressure and power in the game. Traveling different islands, fighting bosses and mobs, looting drop items, and and many fun things to do in the game. Like anime, you can be a marine or a pirate and fight with online players. Devouring different devil fruits, mastering haki, becoming a master in sword technique are the most important things here to do. So, start this great journey of one piece world.

King Legacy Codes

  • Peodiz10k—10 gems (New)
  • Halloween2023—10 gems (New)
  • Sub2Leepungg— 30-min free 2x EXP and 10 Gems
  • 2MFAV— a Stat Reset
  • Update4.7— for 20 Gems
  • 3xilescha1r—15 Gems
  • Peodiz— 100k Cash

How To Redeem Codes

  • open King legacy in Roblox.
  • Click on Menu Option.
  • Choose Setting.
  • In the bottom, you will see a text box where you type codes.
  • Click on the redeem option.

King Legacy Update 4.8

  • Added Halloween Island at First Sea / – Second Sea with a Daily Quest Event – Shop where you can exchange items using ‘Candy.’
  • Candy can be obtained from Raid Bosses, Sea King’s Chests, Hydra’s Chests, and randomly spawned Chests.
  • Added Jack o Lantern at Second Sea, which requires you to use ‘Candy’ to summon the boss. The boss drops ‘Pumpkin Smasher,’ the limited item that everyone is looking for.
  • Pumpkin Smasher has been revamped.

King Legacy Update 4.7

  • New Mode in Golden Arena
  • New Daily Quests
  • New 8 Accessories
  • New Title System
  • Added Flame Awakening
  • New Events (First Sea, Second Sea)
  • Awakening System Rework
  • New 3 Swords
  • Fruit Gacha Rework
  • New 10 Titles
  • Added WaterStyle V2
  • New 2 Settings — Cam Shake & Skill Radius Toggle
  • Revamped Giraffe Fruit
  • Revamped Wolf Fruit
  • New Accessory Upgrade
  • Increased the max level Of Battle pass from 50 to 65
  • Revamped Leopard Fruit
  • Revamped Rumble Fruit
  • New Mode Legacy Pose (Gacha Navigation)

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