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The House Td Codes And Update : Roblox

Roblox The House Td Codes

Roblox The House Td Codes are some easy promocodes which will give you free gems and 2x reward boost in the game. Redeem these codes and get some free perks to advance in early game. Codes of The House TD are provided to help new players of the game.

Roblox The House Td is a tower defense game on Roblox in which you go in a horror house to stop dangerous monster escaping from house. Roblox has many tower defense game but this game has very unique concept. You will enter in a house of five floors which has many rooms with difficulty from 1 to 10. Place units and protect exit from waves of monsters.

Active Codes of Roblox The House TD

These are new codes and still active. Redeem these codes as soon as possible.

  • Boom10k– Redeem for 100 soul gems.
  • House3k – Redeem the code for 100 soul gems.

Expired Codes of Roblox The House TD

These are expired codes that no longer working. Avoid these codes at the time of redeeming.

  • Release
  • Beta
  • ThehouseTD
  • 1000KLikes

How To Redeem The House TD Codes?

It is very easy to redeem codes in the game.

  • Start the game on Roblox.
  • Click on the Codes Icon that you will see in the bottom of the screen at left side.
  • Type the code and Press Enter Key on your keyboard.

This is how you can easily redeem codes of the game. You can also watch the video from my friend about codes.

How To Find More Codes Of the House TD?

You can simply find The House Td codes in the description of the game. Before start to play, Just check out the description. There you will find some working codes. Visit to their discord server also to get more secret codes. Sometime they also release some codes on twitter handles. Check youtubers video to get some secret codes as they know how to collect codes and use in the game.

How To Play The House TD?

It is a tower defense game where you just have to join the game and defense against the wave of enemies. There are many basic things that you need to know when start playing the game.

Summon Units

There is a place where you go and summon units which will help you to kill the waves of enemies. You can summon units with soul gems. soul gems is the currency of the game which is used here for purchasing units.

Select Units

After you have some units in your Bag pack, Select your best heroes in your team in order to defeat them. Try to get higher level units in your team. There are Secret, Mythical, legendary, Epic, and Rare units in the house TD. In initial game you can use rare and epic. In mid levels you should use legendary. Use Mythical and Secret units at higher level.

Join the Room

After making your team, You have to join room. you can join with three, two or one player. Don’t you think that joining with friend will make game easy, because you will get more difficult enemies when you join with your friends. So, you should prefer more to join single room.

Choose Level

Before starting the game, you need to select floor and room with difficulty level. There are 5 floors. Each floor has different numbers of rooms.


Higher floor will be unlocked when you clear the previous one. So, choose the floor and room and start defending it.

Placing Units and Clearing Levels

The wave of monsters will start from entrance and escape from exit. There may be one or more entrance but only one exit. You will get some cast that you can use to place units in their way. You have to update your units to do defeat full waves of enemies. There is limit of placing units. different units have different placement limits. When you are playing alone you can place maximum 20 units but with friend, you will get only 15 units placement.

What are URNS In The House TD?

URNS are the Units Opening cans which can give you free units when you open it. There are 6 types of URNS. Each type of URNS will give units according to their types.

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Secret
  • Shiny
  • Premium

How to get URNS In The House TD?

You can get URNS when you play and clear any room. There is 10% of chance to get URNS. Most of time you will get rare or epic URNS. You can also get it by claiming rewards of playtime. You have to play one hour to get any URNS and two hours for a premium URNS.

How To Use URNS?

Click on back pack and select URNS option. Choose the URNS and click on open. You will get a unit from it. Here is a video below which will show you everything about URNS.

What is VooDoo Token and how to use it?

Voodoo Token is a currency in the game which you can use to place a curse on your unit. The curse will boost the attack, speed or range of a unit by 10%. You will get Voodoo Token reward by playing and defeating floors. There is 20% chance after you finish a match.

To place a curse on your unit, you need to talk to VooDoo NPC in the game. He will give you option to choose a unit and use the token to apply curse on it.

Garden Area: The Infinite Mode

There is a garden area where players can defeat infinite waves base on their ability. You will get more gems and other rewards here. You can get a lot of gems and voddoo token by playing it. When you defeat wave number 10, you will get a secret Boo Dog Unit.

Pets In The House TD

There are some pets which you can equip to show other players. You can get these pets as a reward of 2% chance when you defeat floors in the game.

So, this is all that you should know about the game. It will gat some update with time as the game get any update.

Thank You.

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